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Cannot Open PC Pitstop; Endless Loading Loop


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Hello, I recently got Super Shield updated after I had to monkey around with Windows 10 for a bit, now I cannot open the PC Matic Pitstop to run a scan. I click on the icon (which is set to 'Run as Admin' as default) and I get the loop for a few seconds then another small windows pops up with no words on it, just a yellow triangle with a n'!' in the middle. There is a button with 'OK' on it, so i click it and and it loads forever and will not let me access anything. Any help is appreciated.


This has happened before and I'm not sure how I fixed it. I believe I updated Super Shield but I already have it updated. Maybe not?


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Hey Blackout,


Let's give this exercise a try to help push your signal up to the servers.


 Please Press the Windows Key + R then type:  services.msc
 Click OK

 Scroll down to PC Pitstop Scheduling and double click it
 If Service is running, then stop it

 Up at the top of the window, click the Log On tab
 Change log in to Local System Account
    DO NOT put a check next to:  Allow service to interact with desktop.
 Click Apply

 Double click the PC Pitstop Scheduling again 
 Start the Service
 Apply & Ok


Try the PC Matic program once again.


:) Y


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Thanks for responding.


Well, everything you suggested was already done by itself. Strange. Anyways, after a while the Super Shield icon went yellow and started updating. After I managed to update SS, I was able to access PC Pitstop. Apparently I need Super Shield to be updated in order to access PC Matic!


Thank you for your time! God bless

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