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Coffee Lake Upgrade


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This is my current score after upgrading to a Core i7-8700k and ASUS ROG Maximus X Apex motherboard.  The RAM was slightly underclocked because it had been having stability problems at its full rated XMP speed, although that issue seemed to be resolved when I ran the Windows memory test this afternoon, possibility because of changes in the latest BIOS.  I think that the CPU can be pushed a little higher then the 4900 MHz limit used for this test, although probably not for long-running tests like PCMark 10 and SiSoftSandra.  However, Intel Extreme Tuning Utility showed no throttling running its benchmark at 5 GHz.  The video cards and hard drives are the same as on the previous ASUS Z170-WS and Core i7-6700k, so any differences are from the CPU, motherboard and chipset, and memory.

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