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Help Needed w/slow desktop

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Hello... This is my first time here. I hope I can get some guidance here.


My HP all-in-one desktop (Model 24-n014) is a little over a year old. It has been progressively running slower and slower. My OS is Windows 10. Browsing on Chrome has become insanely slow. Opening files, like Word doc files is also very slow. 


I have used PC Matic for a year now. I thought it would clean things up so that my computer would run faster. Obviously, that has not been my experience. I am sure PC Matic is a great tool, but something is definitely wrong.


Is there something I can do to speed things up? This is driving us crazy.


Thanks in advance.



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Hi fillmoreranger       :wp: 


First thing to do is to flush your browsers, especially Chrome





If you don't use "Google Drive", then uninstall that application as it is eating up a ton of your available Ram.


The other thing that I noticed are a heck of a lot of running processes there.  Do you restart that computer regularly?


As this is a Windows 10 computer, be sure to get your Windows updates in place as well:


Start> Settings> Update and Security> Check for Updates............... let it happen.


Please keep us posted


:) Y



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