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Cloud backup question


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I recently purchased a new PC and went through the process of transferring (restoring) my files from Carbonite cloud backup. It was a very large transfer.  Once it was complete, there were over 800 individual files on my desktop.  Some of these were pics, etc. that I hadn't used in years.  On my old PC, they were all organized into folders, and many folders were stored under one major folder, i.e. subfolders in a big folder.  This is how I expected them to be restored.  Carbonite tech support insists that the 853 individual files on my desktop were all pulled out of their original folders and placed on the desktop by me at some time in the past 30 days, which is the time span they use before files are deleted.  This is absolutely not true.  It took a great deal of time to sort through the mess and clean up the desktop, moving files back to their proper folders.


My question is why this happened?  Is this typical of any restoration?  Carbonite tech support set up the restore for me after the first attempt was unsuccessful, and I specified that I wanted the files restored exactly as they appeared on my old PC.  Am I missing something here?

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It sound like they have run a recovery rather than just restoring.

I'm just guessing here as i'm not familiar with the software but recovery normally means getting the files without the original file structure where as a restore would restore the file structure.

It could be also that there is an option when downloading from the cloud to just pull files and ignore the folder structure.

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