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Desktop display distorted


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I have an HP Pavilion running Windows 10.  My desktop and browsers (all of them) have suddenly started displaying as if the screen resolution is set to huge.  I have tried everything I can think of to correct this. I have checked that the screen resolution is set to "recommended," I've set and reset the icon sizes, I've used the zoom function on the browser - nothing makes any difference. It looks as if someone picked up the display and stretched it across the screen.  I have checked the driver update for the graphics card.  My system setting says I have ATI Radeon HD 4200.  When checking this in device manager, properties, the General tab says "No drivers are installed for this device."  The Driver tab says no drivers are required or installed for this device.  I've run the driver update tool and it comes back as the most recent driver is installed. I've deleted the Radeon device and reinstalled.  I've rebooted many times.  All Windows updates have been installed.


I'm at a loss of anything else to try.  I'm not familiar with graphics cards - could mine be going bad?  Also, there is no specific "function" key on my keyboard, just the F1-F12.


Any help is appreciated.

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Right click a blank area on your Desktop and choose:  Display Settings


Under Scale and Layout, insure that "Change the size of text, apps and other items is set to:  100% (Recommended)


If it is and everything is still huge, then use the down arrow and change the size making it bigger (sounds weird, but stick with me)


Now restart the computer.


Go back to Scale and layout and reset it to:  100% (Recommended)


Did it go back to default?


:) Y

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