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Help with Very slow Laptop

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I am looking for some help with an issue I am having with my Laptop.

I have not gone to PC Matic support because I am sure it is not their


Supershield has been eratic in loading, a couple of days ago Supershield 
was not loading to the tray and support said I should reinstall and sent
me a link, I reinstalled and that worked for a ouple of days.

Now the last three times I started SS loaded to the tray but was red and
when I right clicked and selected SS protection it showed "off until reboot"

I selected to start SS but it did not start, restarting did not fix it
with the red shield still displaying.


Now the last time I restarted PCmatic/SS did not load again.
I restarted and the same thing happened, all service are running.


The reason I do not think it is a PCmatic/SS issue is that I have been
working to get my Laptop running as it should, it has been very, very, 
slow and all hardware checks have been okay, Seatools has not found
any HDD errors and I have uninstalled and reinstalled my GPU drivers.

I have gone to the Windows 7 forum and GeekPolice Malware fighting site 
and passed all their tests with flying colours and everyone has been mystified.


I am wondering if anyone here has any suggestions, I do not want to reinstal the OS 
because I have time pressures and am hoping that a different approach will work.

Any ideas??



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Hi Daniel,


I see that DAP was getting flagged in Chrome, so I submitted it to our Malware Research Team to review it's current status.


From what you are describing, I'm thinking that the updated definitions may not be making it onto your rig, or they are corrupted in some fashion.


Please open your web browser, (don't use Chrome for this exercise) then copy and paste the links below, one at a time, into the address bar, then hit the Enter key:





Follow the prompts to download each file to the computer, use the navigation tools to put the file somewhere that you can find it easily.


Once you have the files downloaded, go to Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization>Folder Options (or File Explorer Options in Windows 10) and click on the View tab, then move the dot to "Show hidden files and folders" and click on Apply.


Next, navigate to C:\Program Data\PCPitstopDat and move the downloaded pcpsfed.dat and pcpsfed-inc.dat file to inside of the datRTP folder that is at that location.


After you have both files inside the datRTP folder, reboot the computer and let us know if the issue is resolved.


As for the sluggishness of this lappy, is it an overall behavior, or primarily one when on the internet through a browser?


If so, which browser.


:) Y

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regarding PCMatic/SS I reinstalled it this morning and it is now working okay, the install went a little different to

the last time because this time it asked to turn PCMatic/SS off before continuing, that did not happen last time,

although at first it seemed to be okay.


I have downloaded and installed the DAT files and restarted and it is all still okay,

is that something I should do periodically?


Regarding the Laptop, it has been getting progressively slower, the internet is slow because I am travelling and using

very inadequate wi-fi connections but perhaps the progressive deterioration was my imagination, when you are in a hurry

things always seem worse.


This morning I disabled all unnecessary background processes, such as visual enhancements, aero, desktop background

etc and some services and the Laptop is now flying.


Thanks for the excellent support.





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Chrome is a fine browser.


I saw that you had the DAP extension there and I didn't want that to interfere with the downloading of the definitions.


Reinstalling Super Shield updated and installed them for you.  I believe that this is what had failed previously and caused the issue.


Glad that it's working well for you now.


:) Y

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