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Good afternoon. I use 2 PCs One almost new machine which is up tp speed with Windows 10 upgrades and is of a fairly decent spec. I have a second older machine (5 years approx.) that no longer seems to want to update Win 10. I use the second machine for instructional purposes, for example. I place an instructional Guide on the old PC and work on the newer one. The older PC upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10 back when it all started but just lately the second PC just will not upgrade. First it freezes with a blue screen and the message "Stopping Services" I re-start with the on/off switch and the upgrade continues, it goes on and off a few times and then freezes again, the monitor is off, the PC is on but nothing more happens, another re-start. Eventually the machine reverts back to my previous version of windows. That's fine, I can live with an older version of Win 10 but just lately I Keep receiving a message box on the screen urging me to upgrade...............again. The message box suspends use of the PC. This is happening every day. Is there a way to prevent these automatic upgrades or indeed can I get the PC to accept the full upgrade? I suspect not.  Do I finally have to buy a new machine.

Thanks for reading I'm very grateful.

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Hi Bullfrog,


See if running the update/upgrade from a disk may resolve the issue:




Be sure to disable any anti-virus product prior to initiating the procedure to insure that this is not causing the hold up.


:) Y

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