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i hope this post is ok...

i am very interested in

getting a new feature

added to PCPitstop:

It would be just great if there was an optional setting so that the computer would shut down or turn off when it was done with a scan. This would be an incredibly useful feature for me and I believe others too. Is there any possibility of that being done? (And is this the correct place to put such a request?)

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Hi TimOt  :wp:


This is a request that we have had on the road map for awhile and are actively looking to implement.


The primary concern and reason for the hold up is because of the danger of forcing a rebooting or a shut down if there is a Windows update or some other automated software update taking place in the background.


This could be very damaging and is the primary reason that we have not allowed this to take place during a "Scheduled" scan.


We do have the "auto-fix" and "auto-reboot" options available in the "Options" menu for manual scans, as these scans are instituted by the user as opposed to a scan being done in the background without user control or supervision.


Thanks for your request and I hope that you understand our caution.


:) Y

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