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So, I'm trying to learn C#, and to do so I have been using Microsoft Visual Studio to create applications. When I go to run the application however, PC Matic gives the pop up to have me either allow or deny it. This isn't a huge issue, but it really slows down troubleshooting. I have already tried hitting Always Allow, but it still appears every time I go to run the application. Is there a way I can simply just white-list the folder so anything that runs from it will be ignored? Thanks.

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Hi Ben,


The short answer is no, as that would be too much of a security risk and goes against our entire white listing philosophy and practice.


What you can do is click Super Shield and then set the protection level (temporarily) to:  Industry Standard (Blacklist Only).


This will allow your "unknown" applications to run on the rig.


Or you can change the protection level to "Off until reboot" if you prefer to just turn Super Shield off for the duration of your session.


Then when done, restart the computer.


All the best with C#, it's time consuming and wonderfully frustrating, but can be very rewarding.  


I keep going back to it myself from time to time and know that one of these days, it'll "click" for me.  :pullhair: 


Hope that this helps.


:) Y


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