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Windows Defender Issues


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I recently was forced to install the 1709 Windows 10 Fall Creator's Edition, and ever since then Windows Defender is my main AV. I already paid for PCMatic to be my AV, but I can't somehow make it my default. I cannot deactivate Windows Defender or turn on PCMatic via the conventional method of going in the Control Panel. I see Windows Defender and PCMatic Super shield in the 'Secutiry Maintenance' box but the button to turn on PCMatic is greyed out. I thought WD deactivated itself when there was another 3rd party AV installed. It has worked before and WD was deactivated, but ever since the update, it will not turn off and I think it is slowing my computer down.



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They are suppose to back off and run at the lower priority, but from time to time M$, is a pain in the rear.


Let's get Super Shield reset.


Please download and Save the Super Shield installation file from the direct link below:


http://supershield-files.pcpitstop.com/pcmaticss3.0.0.5-setup.exe  (do not install it yet)


Please uninstall just the PC Matic Super Shield application from your installed programs list.


Do not uninstall PC Matic.


Restart the computer


Go to the saved Super Shield installation file and Right Click it and choose:  Run as Administrator


Allow Super Shield to install.


Watch the Super Shield icon in the taskbar as it will be green and then change colors to red and gold.


This indicates that it is downloading it's definitions.


When the definition download completes, the shield will return to a green color.


Please give the computer a final restart.


Check the Security Center to insure that Super Shield has now been given the priority.


Thanks for letting us know and welcome to the Pit!  :wp:


:) Y

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