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Need opinions on different cases :(


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I have been looking around the site for mid tower cases that I might consider for my first build.


Here they are;


Corsair - 270R



Mr.NUC-V6-BTJ1900V3U http://www.minicase.net/Mr.NUC-barebone-celeron-j1900-V3U.html


NZXT - S340 (Black) https://pcpartpicker.com/product/ms6BD3/nzxt-case-cas340wb1


Can you perhaps give me the pros and cons for these cases? and which one would be the best in terms of design, airflow, durability, and price?


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Personally from your list I would go with the Corsair......


or this:




Good cable management , so reasonable airflow. Nice full glass panel so you can see what you got. I would just watch the max video card length in all these mid size towers; also no 5.25 drive bays.

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