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Norton CORE Router


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TBH - A complete rip off.


Most routers have hardware firewalls anyway - All this one has is some fancy software and reporting information that is preying on peoples misconception that their WiFi network is some gaping security hole that everyone is trying to hack.


If you have a decent router it will probably have the capability to:

  • Set MAC address / block user and rules
  • Set access times
  • Guest / or multiple network handling
  • Switch WiFi on/off (not even why Norton thinks this is a selling point??)

Ok - It won't do it through some fancy software - you may need to access the router settings; but it's not that difficult!


Same as everything - Have a good strong network password and change it regularly especially if you've just allowed someone else to access your WiFi.

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A family member was infected with a really slick mem based rootkit a few months back. they have a norton subscription. norton never caught it at any stage, so i had a convo with some techs. they tried to push that product on me. i was irritated that a service call about their products failure triggered a sale attempt and i cut it short.

However, malware can now hide in routers and spread through networks once in. its not so much the network as an entrance point, but whats happening inside and whats calling out and when. having your router integrated with security, as well as monitoring could be pretty convenient for a lot of general users. i think its a good idea-as a product.

That router is a part of a full norton av, though. its like pcmatic built into a router with some extra tools. so, you would have two full av products running against each other.

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