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Need help installing drivers for R9 280 vid card


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AMD Catalyst (fglrx) drivers

The AMD Catalyst (fglrx) drivers are not compatible with Xorg 1.18, which is the version used in Linux Mint 18.

These drivers are proprietary and so their code is not available. AMD indicated they no longer wanted to support them and urged their customers to use open-source drivers instead.

If you are using an ATI GPU in Linux Mint 18, the operating system will either select the Radeon or AMDGPU drivers for you, and these are installed by default.


Found the above on this site:




Had a look on  some other sites and it appears that AMD is not playing nicely with Linux! 

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to be honest dickster, unless you're having issues with the default open source driver i never bother installing amd's own drivers any more, i do install nvidia's own drivers though.



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That's the problem. AMD doesn't do well folding with the drivers that are out there. And they aren't interested in putting better drivers out for linux. Looks like my PPD is going to be way down from now on since I'm not going back to windows or buying an nvidia card.

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