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.Father's day Present

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My wife bought me a Father's day present after my old mobo died back in June.  Intel i7/7700K residing on an ASrock Z270 Extreme 4 board, along with 16GB of ram at 2400.  The rest of the system was already in place (3 x Samsung 840 Pro 128 SSD, 2 x EVGA GTX 750Ti FTX @ 2GB 1 x WDC WD3200AAKX-001CA0 320GB HDD, 1 x SAMSUNG SyncMaster S24B240, 1 x Gateway HD2201, and finally an internal  LG  WH16NS40  Blu-Ray .  The monitors are strapped to the Intel HD Graphics 630 iGPU and the twin 750Ti are used exclusively for number crunching (SETI@home).  One of the SSDs is the OS Windows 10 Pro (x64), a 2nd contains all of my data, and the third I use to learn VS2017.  The HDD is used for system backup.  The CPU is cooled by an EK Slim 240 kit in push/pull configuration.  I'm thinking of upgrading the twin 750s with this https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=06G-P4-6366-KR and upgrading the cooling loop with this https://www.ekfluidgaming.com/ek-kit-a240g.



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It wouldn't do any good as I believe the video score results are false in my case.  The video tests are done on the HD Graphics 630 iGPU (the only GPU connected to the monitors), but the results are given as if the tests are done on one of the 750s, which are stand-alone.

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