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Even replacing the dll files, does not fix sfc errors


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Hi, Done the SFC scannow. The results show some files not repaired in sfc scan. Most of those files , denote the error as hash mismatch and some, as storage file is also corrupted. 1

I downloaded SFC fix and then scanned thro it. It finds error in two dll in the subfolder of winsxs, and could not correct them auto. The dll files are replaced with taking ownership and then copied from the source dvd by using 7 zip. the error files were spwimig.dll and W32UIRes.dll. Even then, running sfc reports the same errors.

what are the fixes available to this problem. I do not want sfc errors. I tried windows readiness tool etc etc.

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Hi, for a newly installed c: drive? I just formatted the c: drive and installed the OS leaving the other drives as it is with the files.

I also want to know whether system files like the dlls mentioned would get updated? in the course of time.

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