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HDD defragment and installing Linux in Win XP SP3


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HDD defragment and installing Linux in Win XP SP3


I attach two JPGs


shows my one partition c:/

defrag21.jpg shows my second smaller partition d:/


Both after I defrag them already


Where you suggest install Linux? The HDD ribbon shows sectors of HDD exist data?

In c:/ (1st picture) data take all ribbon so take all hdd, because is first partition, and hence you canNot install Linux eg 50GB area Linux partition? correct?


But You can install in second d:/ BECAUSE ALL data are initially in hdd [ribbon in picture], so easily i can create a Partition [and because is last partition?] eg 40GB and install Ubuntu 17.04 in it???? correct???


Partition create from Live DVD Ubuntu.



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I'm not sure you fully understand what the pics tell you about your hard drives but, the 'gaps' are free space; but you do not have loads of little sections stopping you from partitioning the drive.


You can create a new partition on the C or D drive and your data should be safe (I would ALWAYS create a backup first though); all the partitioning tool does is move the existing data and then creates a new partition in the free space. As you are using XP you may want to try:




Do not use the partition tool in Ubuntu - it has a habit of reformatting if you don't get the options right!!

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it doesn't matter where the data is on the c drive because when you shrink it to make room for a new partition then the data will get moved.


so your c drive is 132GB in size and there is 102GB of free space on it which means you only have 30GB of data on there, could be anywhere on the drive like i said this doesn't matter.


you can shrink the c drive to any size you like as long as it's bigger than 30GB. (you'll find windows won't let you shrink the drive less than what's needed for the data on it anyway.) so in your case i'd shrink the c drive to 90GB leaving 42GB to put your linux os on or if you don't need/use the d drive for data then i'd just move everything from that onto the c drive and put the ubuntu os on that instead.



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