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build your self PC needed motherboard/processor... overclocking enable

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Yup! I use rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) to remove old thermal paste all the time. ;)

And nigsy is right, be careful when removing the heatsink/fan, I've never bent any pins on a processor or socket, but I HAVE yanked CPU's right out of the socket! :yikes: ***note: I learned to be more careful after that episode!







more careful after that episode!



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About Intel K processors eg 7600K... i5

installation of this is Exactly like, non-K processors? Needed anything special for K processors - or is it anything more difficult BUILDING A PC with K processor ????

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All processors install the same. It doesn't matter whether it's Intel; AMD or what ever.

As long as you have the correct board and socket type; you simply line the CPU as per the manufacturers instructions up and drop it in.


Watch the video Terry linked to; it's actually a pretty decent tutorial. :tup:

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14 hours ago, lse123 said:

About Intel K processors eg 7600K... i5 or i7 & Overclocking setup

Setup overclocking in BIOS/UEFI is difficult as a first build?

It depends on the BIOS and any software your motherboard may come bundled with.

My old Gigabyte board had a piece of bundled software that you could adjust settings via a GUI and apply it without to many worries. Of course you could still go down the manual route and play with timings/ voltages etc yourself but if you don't know what you are doing you can do a lot of damage!!



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