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Windows 10 Networking Problems

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I have a network of about 15 computers, all in the same workgroup. I can see all of them except I can't map a network drive from 1 of them to a specific one, of course it's the only one that I need. It has worked before, the network settings are the same, sharing is the same. I even tried putting them all in a Homegroup and I still have the same problems with these 2 specific computers. More details below:


I need to map a drive from computer "A" to computer "B".


When mapping from A to B I cannot even see computer B listed in the network.

When I'm on computer B I can see computer A in the network but if I try to map a drive or click on it in the network I'm asked for a username and password. That PC doesn't have a password setup and none of my other connections have that requirement when I connect to them, just this one.


Hopefully that makes sense. These problems just popped up recently. We had a few issues on the network of not seeing certain computers but that has since worked out since I made them all part of the same work group.








Samsung NVMe 950 SSD

Samsung 840 EVO 750GB SSD

2 x Crucial 1 TB SSD


AMD FirePro W9100


W10 Pro

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In the Network and Sharing Center > Change Advanced Sharing Settings


How do you have your settings for your Private Network and under All Networks ?


Since you do not have or wish to use passwords, then this would need to be turned off.


Private Network Settings




All Network Settings (Public Folder Sharing is up to you)




See if this helps to show in the Network so that the computers can then be mapped.


:) Y



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