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In order to flash my BIOS I have to extract a .CAP file


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I thought I coud use win zip but a little reading makes me think I was wrong. ASUS says to extract the file, rename it and

save it to a flash drive. I thought I understood the necessary steps but I seem to be missing something.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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What file type have you downloaded - IS it a compressed file .zip, .7z, .tar etc.


Should be able to extract with winzip.


You might also need to format the flash drive to FAT for it to work.


What board model do you have?

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M5A99 FX PRO 2.0. The file I downloaded shows up as a .CAP file.


The support guy I talked to said I would have to rename it a .CAP file. When I click it I get a 'what program do you wamt to use to

open this file' prompt. I'm a self-taught computer user and my teacher left a couple of big holes in my knowledge base.


You are correct- the tech also said the flash drive had to be formatted as FAT. I thought he said there would be a BIOS update file

that needed to be installed too.

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have you got a link to the bios you're downloading.


according to a quick search the latest bios is version 2501 and when i click to download it, it is most definitely a .zip file.


info from here :- https://www.asus.com/uk/Motherboards/M5A99FX_PRO_R20/HelpDesk_Download/

direct download link of bios 2501 :- http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/SocketAM3+/M5A99FX_PRO_R20/M5A99FX-PRO-R20-ASUS-2501.zip

instructions on doing a bios update here :- https://www.asus.com/uk/support/FAQ/1012815/


so to recap.

1st download the .zip file.

2nd format flash drive to fat32

3rd extract .zip file and copy to the flash drive

4th turn off pc and make sure to insert flash drive

5th start pc and enter bios and use it's bios update program to update the bios with the new bios on the flash drive


and that's it done.


can i ask is there a reason why you need a new bios? maybe for a cpu upgrade or something? if there's not then i usually recommend people not doing a bios update because if something goes wrong you can end up with a motherboard that won't boot.



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I had a nice working computer for 2 years and then *poof*, the BIOS was gone so I need to install one. The mobo is not populated so I just want to

fllash it with the latest BIOS in case I need to use it.


I read the instructions on doing the ASUS BIOS update and it says that I also need the


Bupdater Utility V1.30 for flash BIOS under DOS


If I understand the process, that Bupdater file has to be on the flash drive also. Using DOS because there are no HDs attached to the board so no OS.


Something just occured to me. If the origional BIOS is gone the board might not be able to do an update.


I had gotten sone help from the friendly Pit folks back in March (I think it was March) when this saga began. I think I ended up buying 2 boards and 2 CPUs and a new power supply. In fact you provided a couple of ideas for us to try. Topic heading was 'Dead computer. Where to start.'


The last line you wrote:



...because if something goes wrong you can end up with a motherboard that won't boot.




is where I am right now.


Appreciate your help clarifying what the proper steps are. ASUS's site just added to my confusion. Thanks!

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ok just read old topic here :- https://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?/topic/206467-dead-computer-where-to-start/


and am now a bit confused, did you get that pc working or is it the same one your working on now and think the problem with it is the bios for some reason and not anything else? if so what made you think it is a bios problem?


this motherboard you want to flash the bios on, you say it's not populated so am assuming you want to use asus flashback feature here :- http://event.asus.com/2012/mb/USB_BIOS_Flashback_GUIDE/


never even knew such a feature existed till i just went looking at the specs of your motherboard.


if you want to use that feature then step 3 in my last post when you extract the file it will be




and you need to rename it to



or whatever the tech told you it should be renamed and copy that to the flash drive


step 4 is make sure to insert the flash drive into the correct usb port, look in motherboard guide book if not sure because only 1 of them will be correct and work to flash the bios.

step 5 would then be to push and hold the button to start the flash as per the guide in above link.


to be honest though i don't see how you know if the bios works or not either before or after the flashing without populating it with cpu/heatsink and ram (and graphics card if required) then connecting it to a monitor to see if anything shows up.



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