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PRCG 10496 only WU left?

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I have gotten a steady diet of nothing but WU #10496 all week long. My GTX-980 Folding setup got a pair of WU #10490 yesterday, one for each video card. I got nothing but 10496 Projects all night long on my 980 ti Folding setup and nothing but 10496. Has anyone else noticed this? A GTX-980 takes 3.5 to 4.0 hrs to complete one of these yielding 79992 pts. Each GTX-980 ti can finish one in under 3 hrs and yields 93388 to 93811 pts.

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My 980 boards are trudging along with a pair of 10496 WU each giving me a whopping 79,188 points after a four hour marathon.


So are you touting that this is good or poorly written software giving less PPD? I now have this although not worth too many points. Oh well, I guess it's all about the science...:








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1) My dual 980 setup normally yields over 1 million ppd but aren't even giving me 900,000 with these 10496 WU lately:




2) My dual 980 ti setup is running about average yielding 1.4 million ppd with the same 10496 WU





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I keep getting various versions of 11409 ... maybe they are getting close to solving something (??)

I just got my very first 11409 of the day. The ppd is slightly lower than the 10496 on my 980 ti Folding PC. I had a single 11409 last night with all other WU being of the 10496 flavor. I'll just keep my fingers crossed hoping these WU are winners and have something special in the works.

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