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How do I reinstall OS for Lenovo Tab 10 tablet?


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Hi. I have a fairly new Lenovo Tab 10 tablet that got stuck during an update so I turned it off. Now it won't come on all the way. I get the Lenovo icon on the screen with the orange box and white letters, but that's it. I can get to the box with the factory restore/wipe cache program and run it. It wipes the cache but doesn't do the factory restore.


I've read there are ways to get the OS and put it on a laptop and install the OS from that to the tablet. Or maybe use a micro-SD card instead. I don't trust what I've seen though. I don't know how safe the ones I've seen are.


Is there a way I can do this myself? Thanks for any advice.


Here's the description from amazon.


Lenovo Tab 10 Tablet, 10.1" HD Touchscreen, Qualcomm Quad-core Processor 1.30GHz, 1GB Memory, 16GB Storage, Wifi, Bluetooth, Webcam, Up to 10 hours battery life, Android 6.0 OS



Series Lenovo TB-X103F TAB 1G+16GBL-US


Item model number ZA1U0000US

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If the tablet is under warranty, then send it back and have them replace or repair it.


I've seen several of these Lenovo Tab 10.1 Tablets have exactly this same issue.


I was given one to repair that was out of warranty a year ago and no matter what I tried, it would not restore or write a new OS to it's "hard drive" (which is soldered to it's motherboard).


The procedure to follow is to press the power button + volume up to get to the restore menu. You can try the restore there, or use the micro SD card method, but only mess with this if you are no longer under warranty.


Like I said, nothing worked for me and I even tried to install Linux on the thing and it would not take.


I suspect it's an issue with their hard drive corrupting and not allowing any writes to it.


:) Y

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You say it's Andriod 6?


Might be a way to root it and re-install. This will void any warranty - so if it's under one still, i'd follow Y's advice and take it back.

If not try looking on XDA and find the forum for your tablet and see if there's any help on there.

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I looked on the Lenovo website and the warranty doesn't apply anymore. I messed with it last night and got a screen to come on that's in Chinese and lets you go through a lot of tests to see if the tablet is working right. The colors, speakers, front and rear cameras, and everything else tested fine. Does that mean the OS is still there? Anyway, I'll try the XDA site. Thanks a lot for the help!

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***Warning!! Rooting can leave your phone inoperable and I assume no responsibility if you decide to go ahead with the process!!**


Anyway...I found this....




Seriously....only do this as a last resort; especially if you have no experience of rooting / unlocking bootloaders etc. Read the instructions. Read them again.....and once more for good measure!

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