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Hi, have encountered a nerve wrecking situation with my network printers. They are showing status as offline even though my colleagues are using them fine. I tried to search on line for every possible reason and solution but been running into a brick wall.


Some basic information about my notebook:


Lenovo E460

Intel ® Core i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30Ghz 2.40Ghz

Installed memory (RAM) : 4.00 Gb

System Type: 64 bit Operating System, x64 based processor

Win 10 Pro


I normally does my printing to Samsung M288X and HP Photosmart 6520. I am facing the same problem for both printers.


Appreciate some guidance to resolving this.

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Thanks for the advice, actually it was my bad.....just found out it was actually McAfee Firewall that was blocking the connection. Everything resolve after resetting Firewall to default.



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