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Needing a new rig

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So quite a bit has happened in the past couple weeks. This has caused me to have to stop folding for a while.


Firstly, my lappy has died and I can't find what the exact problem is. I just know it won't power on at all.


Then I lost my job and g/f kicked me out. Went to stay with family for week and got offered a new (better paying) job!! Girlfriend even called and asked me to come home. Then an old friend just gave me 2 excellent condition HDMI monitors.


So now I just need to put another rig together to get folding again. I may have to buy a few components at a time, and trying to get best bang for buck.


Any recommendations on what to look into?

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Getting pretty good PPD off one of these in an AMD3+ rig with FX8350...



Also getting really good PPD off one of these in an old Skt. 1155 Intel rig w/i7-2700k



If you want to run SUSE go for a higher end Nvidia card from GTX 960 and up. ;)






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