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Just want to say hello


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It's been a long while.


I noticed I finally fell out of the top ten posters to number eleven. LOL!


Nice to see familiar names...Bruce...volt...Jacee...caintry_boy...Juliet...duanster...IntelGuy...Y kawika...brandon...Joe C...and more....


Yes volt, I really am a doctor. LOL!


These days I am into online medical education, medical board review, webinars, EMR, open source medical education, remote support, and more. I haven't played with hardware, software, BIOS, etc for a while. When last involved I was hacking OS GUI, BIOS, as well as playing with Gentoo and Ubuntu Linux, multi-boots, and firmware mods. I am still a big open source fan.


My old multi-boot Asus based tower that these forums helped me build is sitting here next to my desk in my office. I am planning on booting it soon after years sitting idle. My old hardware hot-rodded and BIOS hacked C840 Dell is here too...still runs strong in a multi-boot. Planning to see if I can run Windows 10 on it. I got it up to 7 before I left it aside to concentrate on the medical career, surgery, medical education, family, and other such things.


I hope you are all well. When I get some free time I will check in.


All the best-

Chopdoc, The Chopper Doctor








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Hey Juliet-


We are well, thanks. Kids almost all raised...one 16 year old left. Still trying to get a 21 year old out of the house, she's on the back of my bike in the picture.


Hope you are well.


I'll stop by again.

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Chop! Man it's so good to see you drop in...! We've been missing your input, questions, and all-around "tom-foolery" around here. Sorry to say that we haven't seen Volt in years, I think he may have changed his username? Bruce has been absent for some time because of "issues" but we "leave the light on" for all. Don't be a stranger and I'll look forward to your next posting!






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The Asus has a problem. The cooling unit on the CPU was so heavy at some point moving it around broke the CPU socket away from the board. I'll see if I can fix it, but likely going to need a motherboard.

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