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Win 10 wil not see 2 Tera h/d from win 8will not boot


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Back when MS let us upgrade to win 10 I installed on a new SS h/d. I am finally switching over to the win 10. Was having trouble trying to load both win 8 and win 10. So I unplugged the win 8 and the 2 Tera h/d that I had named win 8 data that ran on the win 8 system. I plugged in the win 10 and have done updates and started to install software. I formatted a new 2 Tera h/d and named it win 10 data. In order to transfer a lot of files I plugged in the win8 data h/d but the system would not boot up. I was told --an operating system was not found.Try disconnecting any drive that don't contain an operating system--.

I then unplugged the win8 data h/d and I was able to boot right up into the win 10 system. When I ran the win 8 system I had load most programs on the win8 data h/d. The SS h/d win8 (c drive) only had 128 gigs. In order to transfer files I installed the win8 data h/d into external h/d holder (rocket stor5411A) and was abler to transfer files. I unplugged the win10 and the win10 data h/d and plugged back in the win8 and the win8 data h/d. The system would not boot any more unless I unplugged the win8 data h/d.

The question is why can I not load the win 10 system when I have the win8 data h/d plugged in. Plus why can I not have the win 8 data plugged in when trying to load the win 8 system now?

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it's all to do with which hard drive is seen in bios/uefi as the first boot device.


what you need to do is attach all drives and power on the pc and tap whatever key you need to take you into the bios/uefi and then make sure the win 10 drive is selected as the first boot drive and save and exit out of bios/uefi and then the pc will restart and it should then boot into the win 10 os without you needing to do anything.



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