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Registry Error


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I'm working on a friend's PC. The brand is unfamiliar to me (EMachines), W7 operating system.. Brought it home and booted up, but no way I was getting connected to go on line. It boots up fine, but I'm thinking some kind of virus got in. I try and update, but it refuses to complete all updates. I'm getting error codes 80246005 and MFC 90.dll.

I tried to run a registry cleaner Auslogics and without success. Is it possible that the Hard Drive is shot and there's no getting it back? Also tried an System Restore and it wouldn't take.


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I tried this before I saw your post.


I went to my computer and installed CCleaner, put it on a disk and dragged it onto the other computer. I tried to run it and this is what I got. The specified path does not exist check path and try again They suggest a path (ending with .exe). The file is reading c:\program files\ccleaner\ccleaner64.exe

If it already ends with .exe how can I make it recognize it?

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Give this a try:


SvSrl2h.pngWindows Repair All-in-One

  • Please download Windows Repair AIO Portable and save the file to your Desktop.
  • Temporarily disable your Anti-Virus software. For instructions, please refer to the following link.
  • Right-click the file and click Extract All.... Click Extract.
  • A folder (tweaking.com_windows_repair_aio) will be created on your Desktop. You will find a folder (Tweaking.com - Windows Repair) inside. Open this folder.
  • Note: Ensure you close any open programmes.
  • Double-click Repair_Windows.exe to run the program.
  • Click Reboot to Safe Mode at the bottom of the screen, followed by Yes.
  • In Safe Mode, reopen the program. Click the Repairs tab, followed by Open Repairs.
  • A backup of your registry will be made.
  • Click Unselect All. Place a checkmark next to the following items:
    • 01 - Reset Registry Permissions
    • 02 - Reset File Permissions
    • 03 - Reset Service Permissions
    • 04 - Register System Files
    • 05 - Repair WMI
    • 06 - Repair Windows Firewall
    • 07 - Repair Internet Explorer
    • 08 - Repair MDAC/MS Jet
    • 09 - Repair Hosts File
    • 10 - Remove Policies Set By Infection
    • 11 - Repair Start Menu Icons Removed by Infections
    • 12 - Repair Icons
    • 13 - Repair Network
    • 14 - Remove Temp Files
    • 15 - Repair Proxy Settings
    • 16 - Unhide Non System Files
    • 17 - Repair Windows Updates
    • 18 - Repair CD/DVD Missing/Not Working
    • 19 - Repair Volume Shadow Copy Service
    • 20 - Repair Windows Sidebar/Gadgets
    • 21 - Repair MSI (Windows Installer)
    • 22 - Repair Windows Snipping Tool
    • 23 - Repair File Associations
    • 24 - Repair Windows Safe Mode
    • 25 - Repair Printer Spooler
    • 26 - Restore Important Windows Services
    • 27 - Set Windows Services To Default Settings
    • 28.01 - Repair Windows 8/10 App Store
    • 28.02 - Repair Windows 8/10 App Store (Completely Reset App Store)
    • 29 - Repair Windows 8/10 Component Store
    • 30 - Restore Windows 8/10 COM+ Unmarshalers
    • 31 - Repair Windows 'New' Submenu
    • 32 - Restore UAC (User Account Control) Settings
    • 33 - Repair Performance Counters
  • Click Start Repairs.
  • Note: Do NOT use your computer whilst the program is running.
  • Upon completion, reboot your computer.
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For some reason I cannot get this computer connected to the Internet. I think if I could get connected to the Internet I may be able to go further. I have been going back and forth with the Hard Wire between my PC and this one. I tried to connect a wire less adapter I have, but I cannot get it to show up.

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I'm going to let this project go. Worked on it all weekend and as much as I hate to say it...I failed! I was able to run that Repair program (and I thank you). After it finished it said that there are files that were missing and files that were were corrupt. It said to try running the program again. I think it probably would have turned out the same so I'm just going to let it go.

Thanks again for your help.

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