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Pc Matic and Ccleaner system restore

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I just got a new laptop Win 10 Pro 64bit. When I run Pc Matic on it it will not save the optimizined system restore point to Ccleaner?

In my Win 7 PC,s it is automatic and I can manage them all from Ccleaner . Can anyone direct me how to point Pc Matic system restore

to Win10 restore points so I can manage them in Ccleaner. I seem to be missing something here. All help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.



Sorry for double post

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I'm not sure that I am following what you wish to do here, but I'll take a shot.


If your desire is to manage your Windows restore points through ccleaner, then when you set up a scheduled scan or run a manual scan with PC Matic, then be sure to go to the Options button and turn off: Optimize System Restore Points


Save and then Exit and then run the scan.


This will allow you to keep and manipulate all of your Windows restore points as you wish.


:) Y

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Thanks for your reply Y kawika

I tried your fix and did not work.

If I can try to better explain, on my Windows 7 PC when I run Pc Matic it will show up in Ccleaner in the Tools/system restore list.

I think what happens is that Pc Matic puts the restore backup into Windows 7 and then Ccleaner reads it and I can manage from there.

I can make a system restore point in Windows 10 and it will show up in Ccleaner where I can manage it , but when I run a Pc Matic scan it

does not place the system restore into Windows 10 thus Ccleaner will not recognize it. I guess I need to be able to point the Pc Matic system restore

backup to Windows 10 backup file, at this point I do not know where it is going. Hope this further explains without confusing. Thanks again for the help!


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Hola Rk,


I've been trying my best to understand what you're trying to explain, but I'm unable to follow. Would you be willing or able to post some screen shots, or better yet, do a video of what you're seeing and the order in which it happens and post it here?


This is a good, free screen recording prog that I use on the regular. It could be very beneficial for us to see exactly what you're seeing so we can better help you.



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Since I do not know how to do a screen post I will try to explain again, if I am still not clear I would appreciate your help to make screen post.

i appreciate your willingness to help. I will not include anything on Ccleaner as it only accesses and shows your windows restore points,

First, what is normal to me is on my Win 7 PC when I do a PcMatic scan and run the fixes it will create a registry restore file and place it in Win 7

system restore so if I go to system restore I can use it as a restore point. It also creates the same restore file in the Pc Matic Options/system restore.


Now on my new HP Probook Laptop Win 10 Pro x64 when I run a PcMatic scan and run the fixes I get a registry restore backup file in the PcMatic Options/system restore. I do not get this file posted into my Win 10 restore backup ? How do I get this backup file to post into the Win 10 backup file?

Once I can get these backups to post into Win 10 Backup then I can access them in Ccleaner.


Thanks for your help and again I appreciate your willingness to help

If I am still not clear please guide me how to post screenshots.


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Thank you for the additional information. The problem does not appear to be a systemic bug as I just tested PC Matic on my own Windows 10 installation and it did create a restore point, just as it was supposed to:




The Restore point was also detected by CCleaner:




At this point the problem appears to be a one-of-a-kind with that computer. Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling PC Matic yet? Be sure to reinstall as Administrator.


If that does not resolve the issue, we can post instructions for updating the Active X control. Let us know how it goes.

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Thanks for the reply IntelGuy.

I did as you advised Kudos to you "problem solved".

It didn't work on the first scan but did the second scan.

Now that I think about it what happened is on this new laptop the first thing I did

was to download PcMatic and scan, later I found that system restore was not turned on in Win 10

so I did that,guess PcMatic never found Win 10 restore file because it was not activated?

Thanks again IntelGuy and kudos to the others who helped, you guys are the best!

Have been Evergreen member from the beginning of PcMatic and you guys have always had the answers.


Thanks all



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Hey ,

Well I am back again, Don't know what is happening but I have the same problem again. Reinstalling Pc Matic again did the trick and it worked for a while then suddenly stopped updating the windows 10 registry files after scanning and running fixes. I tried several times to remove and reinstall PcMatic as Admin. with no luck fixing the Problem? I would like to try to do the Active X control fix that IntelGuy mentioned maybe that will fix it once and for good? Please if anybody can assist with this I will appreciate the help. For anyone new reading this sorry I did not state the problem please read above for details. All help is much appreciated.



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Please navigate to Computer>Local Drive C>Program Files (x86)>PC Pitstop>PC Matic and right-click on Remove-all.cmd and select "Run as administrator".


For 32 bit systems the tool will be at Computer>Local Drive C>Program Files>PC Pitstop>PC Matic


If the tool runs as intended, PC Matic should attempt to open on the screen and you should see the Active X install request.


Please verify for us if you see the request to download the new Active X control or not.


If you do not see the request, navigate to Computer>Local Drive C>Windows>Downloaded Program Files and manually delete all of the files that are present in that folder that match the files in the attached image.


Once that is completed, open PC Matic and let us know whether or not you see the request to download a new Active X control.

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Thanks for your help. I did as you suggested and when I did the PcMatic/remove.all command the PcMatric screen launched I don't think I got Activex request then.

Then I whent to the windows\downloadedprogramfiles and opened it , there were no files there it was empty. I tried the first operation again remove.all option and this time I did get the Activex request. I followed it and did another scan it did not create a file backup. I did try scanning several times and once it did make a backup in the restore file, so I immedatly did another PcMatic scan and fix this time it did not make a backup in the windows 10 backup??? Have tried several times and it is still broken? Guess I will just keep on trying and hope something pops up? Any other help is appreciated! I can try to post screenshots think I have to be signed into forum to post a screenshot in real time?



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Think I may have other problems that may affect the backup situation.

These are a few screenshots of errors at startup. first one is Windows startup error.

Next one is error file blocked by SUper Shield at start.

Could this be my problem,if so how do I fix?

This is getting thick LOL!



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Please open a ticket at our help desk so that we can get some more information about the computer and see what is going on.

You can open a ticket from here:

You can show the help desk staff a link to this forum posting by copying and pasting this URL into the ticket:

Thank you

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