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Is my score standard/low/high for 7700K and GTX 1080?

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First and foremost, I'm not here to be like "It's not much but it's mine! Is my score any good?" I know it's a high end build. I'm asking for anyone that has a similar setup (doesn't have to be exact) so I can kind of benchmark my 7700k and 1080 to others. Even if you have one but not the other, that's great! Also, I'm an oooooold member (10+ years) but don't have access to my email :(




For the Curious:

Intel i7 7700k -$299 Microcenter (every other place is $350-$380)

MSI DUKE GTX 1080 -$367 Newegg (MIR, Free $10 per $100 gift cards, and ebates %. Sale Price was $499)

Asus Z270E Mobo -$159 Microcenter (get $30 off when buy with CPU...Sale price was $189...every other place is $210+)

EVGA 16GB DDR4 -$89 Microcenter



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