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ransomware titled System Virus Alert


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Last night after PCPitstop ran I was hit with a ransomware when Microsoft Edge starts. It will not let you do anything other than shutdown -- of course with their warning -- I restarted and did a second and third complete pitstop scan which showed nothing. I finally figured out if I start Edge through a link - such as from an email - it will start and operate normally. the System Virus Alert banner is still in the left box and if I close all other links, it will take over and require a reboot to get away from it

I have heard of others with the same issue..


Any suggestions on how to get rid of it

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It happens to me occasionally (as recently as today actually) when I clicked on a link in a site I frequent often. Just right click the task bar and open task manager - then close Internet Explorer (or Edge). I did the re-booting thing the 1st and 2nd time and knew I needed a better way.

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These are "scareware" ads, aimed at scaring those who encounter them into calling the number and giving access to their computers to the very crooks that put this pollution up there in the first place.


The ads have little scripts running in the background to make it extra difficult to get out of them.


Flushing and resetting your browser will typically remove them, as they do not really infect your computer.




:) Y

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