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Dead computer. Where to start...


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We have a computer that has

  • AMD KM3 8350 8-core cpu
  • Asus M5A99FX Pro w/ 4 8-gig blocks of Corsair Vengenance
  • 2 Radeon R9 290x 4-gig video cards
  • 4 Seagate 1-TB HDs in a raid array
  • Windows 7 64 pro

It had a Enermax 1350 pos PS

It now has a Corsair HX1000i PS


About 2 weeks ago it crashed. It had been unstable and we thought the bios had been

corrupted. Bought another MB and got everything switched over. Turned it on and

it ran fine for a week. He was playing Fallout 4 and *boom* it dropped like a rock.

Checked and the PS wasn't working. Did some reasearch and bought a new PS.

But after installing the new PS there is nothing that comes on but the cpu lite on the

MB but no other ones. And the fans on the case and PS spin up.


Is there any way of testing a cpu? Any ideas? We have decided that the PS must have

been failing for a while and finally gave up the ghost. I'm afraid it took out the cpu and

the video cards.


Thanx in advance. Appreciate any ideas/suggestions you have.




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Terry1966- Altho that's a happy thought (about the parts working on the old motherboard) and we tried it.

The only thing that happened was the cpu light came on.

I think the psu had been failing for a long time and damaged the old motherboard. When we replaced it,

the perky new mobo sucked the life out of the psu and it failing killed the cpu. (LOL That's my theory and

I'm sticking to it.) I was going to order a replacement psu but I starting reading the comments from folks

who had that brand and it sounds as tho they are not very reliable.


CB- Thanks for the link. After I'd posted my question I decided to bite the bullet and just order another cpu.

Since the cpu lite came on on both mobos, figured it had to be dead. Of course the real concern is the

video cards. If they are dead you might hear the cries all the way to Kansas. :bawling:


Thank you for taking the time to reply. I appreciate your responses. This board has been my number 1 resource

for quite a few years and I'm so glad to have a way to tap into the wealth of knowledge you possess!


Thanks again.

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It is amazing how even something small can mess up the works. We bought our first

Windows-based computer (we had a C-64 and then an Amiga before it) from Tiger Direct.

It began having issues and they replaced the HD, then the mobo. Turned out to be a

defective CD drive. Every program we installed prior to getting it replaced had errors.


Thanks again for your help.


I used the wrong bookmark for this site today- I clicked on my bookmark for the Pit instead and

Chrome came up with a screen saying did I want to go to this unsafe website! That they would

try to get my credit card numbers... You might want to pass that along to whoever is taking care

of the PCPitstop site.


You didn't need to wear a scarve this winter. LOL

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  • 4 weeks later...



Got the new CPU and after installing it went into Safe Mode and everything seemed fine. The computer had picked up the drive array just fine and everything in the device manager checked out. Monitored the temperature and it was fine. The computer ran super this time... for 3 hours. Then the CPU died again. The mobo has the same CPU lite on again so it isn't getting past the POST.


Is there any virus going around that could do this or did we just get a bad CPU?


As always any ideas will be appreciated.

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Bought the first mobo on 5Mar. The Corsair PS on 19Mar. 25Mar asked for and received a return/replacement on the mobo and

bought the new CPU.


I don't want to be unfair to Asus and ask for another replacement on the mobo if it is something we are doing (or not doing) to cause this.

The machine had been stable for at least three years before this cluster mess began. I wonder if they are having some kind of problems in assembly

since it is the second board to die in less than a month.


I don't know if my machine can take the same RAM to be able to test it. Kinda limited on vehicles to use at this point. I do appreciate the

suggestions and will let you know what happens. Thanks so much for your responses. You simply are the best!

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It has 4 8-gig sticks of Corsair Vengence. We did test them last nite and all seems well. The Asus mobo has 4 lites that are supposed to light up if there is a problem with either the CPU, RAM, video card(s) or HDs. While I'm not a big fan of idiot lights,

the only one lit up is the one that indicates a problem with the CPU.


Actually, as far as we can tell the mobo is still okay- it is the CPU that is history. It should be returnable- if I get my act together soon.


I am really grateful for the help I've gotten. Appreciate it very much. If anyone thinks of any other potential cause, please give me a shout.


Blessings on you!

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