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Windows 10 turned off SS

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Windows 10 just did an update, turned off Super Shield, and forced Windows Defender on me. The green shield is still there, but I cannot access it. I turned off Defender and ran PC Matic and PC Magnum. Did not help. Now when I turn off Windows defender, I get a notice that both virus protections are turned off. Anyone else having this problem with the new Windows 10 update? I have been using PC Matic and supershield for several years and do not want to give in to Microsoft.

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Why not disable Windows Defender instead of uninstalling Super Shield.


There are still ways to disable Windows Defender by using Local Group Policy or Registry Editor.


You can take help from this website http://www.howali.com/2017/04/disable-turn-off-windows-defender-in-windows-10-8-7.html


I think this will solve your problem without uninstalling Super Shield.



Peter R.

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Yes mine did it and I traced it back to and old update I could never get to complete dealing with the sys key system. I have got to figure out how to get that switched from external to internal so I can complete and apply my updates especially the older one that dealt with security. In the meantime I was able to turn back on my PC Matic security system.

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