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Not finding virus or malware?

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My mother lives downstairs from me she built an apartment onto my house. We have a 16 meg connection and everything was fine until two Saturdays ago when the internet was only getting a 3 meg connection. I did the usual thing called the ISP and had them come out but they could not find anything wrong in fact when they were here I was getting full speed of course. Last night I finally figured out what was going on. My mother goes to bed around 9:30 pm and I was staying up late I noticed as soon as she turned her computer off I went straight back to full speed. Today I got on her computer and did a full scan on PC Matic nothing found. So I decided to download malwarebytes again I took it off since it was interfering with PC Matic. Malwarebytes found two malware and one virus. After getting rid of those the internet went back up to full speed.


So I want to know why PC Matic did not find them?

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Thanks for letting us know.


It would be terrific if you could attach the Malwarebytes log file from that scan.


It should be in: C:\Program data\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-malware




:) Y

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