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Probably around less than both you and I combined though I have no real knowledge. I've thought of him many a time as well as a lot of the old timers......maybe someone who's around a bit more may know something.....




Last Active Jul 28 2014 02:47 PM so it's been awhile for Intra.....I really assumed you two were still in touch. Glad to see you post OneCool....

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I haven't seen him poking around for quite a few years. After Ray opened up TRP there were a bunch of y'all that flocked over there and didn't come back around. I haven't even seen him at TRP. ;)






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I'm good..Been....getting old... Takes a lot of time to do that. LOL.


OneCool it's so cool to see you and everyone here after having not posted for so long. I'm like frickin 70 now... hahaha.

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