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So when does pcpitstop get a app?


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You're assuming I'm current with phone stuff nigsy lol.


I'm old now and complain a lot about things with touch screens,my son watching other people playing games on youtube,kids music etc etc


I know what you mean.

I'm not sure what an app for Pitstop would achieve?; The website is already available to render to a mobile format or standard format so it's easy to read from a phone or tablet screen.

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seems like this question comes up from time to time. This from 2012 https://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?/topic/200407-mobile-app-for-pcpitstop-forum-tapatalk/


As to why would anyone want it? I like my smartphone but it's very rare that I open its browser and try to find something on the internet. The keys are small and it's just not that easy (for me) to navigate. I'm just not as fluid as those folks that practically grew up with a cell phone in their hand. However, I do:


go to Facebook when I want - there's an app for that.

check local or national weather when I feel the need - there's an app for that.

I'll check sports scores for the teams that I follow - there's an app for that

I'll look up movie releases or movie start times - there's an app for that

Certainly I'll check my emails without going thru a browser - there's an app for that


I've accessed the Pit forums on my phone on only one occasion - there's no app and wasn't worth the nuisance

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If I want to access a site from my phone often... I just put an Icon to the site on my homepage. One click and I'm there. It does use my browser to get there, but it's still just one click. I have a windows phone so perhaps things are different on Apples or Androids.

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