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ALERT! Box pop up re: Windows 10, Windows 7 support ending....


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If I leave the room and come back there could be upwards of 20 of these boxes. I also was getting a notebook pop-up with hd - Notepad in the header.... same message: ATTEMPTING TO UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 10. YOU CAN CONTINUE TO USE YOUR COMPUTER. WINDOWS 7 SUPPORT ENDING.


I "think" i got rid of the notepad messaging (20+ same-o) when I did the system restore ... but the text box Alert is still persisting. Not sure if this is virus related or ??-related. It's only been for the last couple of days and started after I did update Java.... ok.... i know!! but I've been sick and perhaps weak headed. Anyway. Java is Gone, so is the "hd - Notepad" pop-up and system restored.... except for this alert and I am hoping someone will have some answer on what this is. Do I need to do the PUP thing again? Which I had done so long ago I have almost no memory of it. Oh, and none of these show up as an actual "file".


I have run Avast, SuperAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes... with no success. After shut-down/restart they are still there (well except for the notepad one now... and I"ve done so much I'm not sure exactly HOW I got rid of that one. Unfortunately, I have an appointment to get to and will be back after a few hours.... But I truly appreciate any help that can be given. The file isn't causing any miscief and I'm not clicking the OK... just the X... so I don't think I have, or it has, caused any further miscief. Thanks in advance :)

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Thank you for the reply and possible answer. I stopped update *after* trying to install Win10 on my desktop and having it go blank and unusable. Researched on a laptop and got my computer back up and running, thank goodness - because I use it to protein fold for Standford University. I also was able to get rid of that installer crap ... but it has been a long time.

I did try the program suggested in the article you attached, but it did not help. It was probably meant for that first-time mistake stuff. My worry is that those pop-ups are connected to a virus or somesuch.... although nothing is detecting it. Woke up this morning to 96 of the suckers that appeared over night :(

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My worry is that those pop-ups are connected to a virus or somesuch.... although nothing is detecting it


There is always that possibility.


If you like, start a new topic https://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?/forum/25-have-i-been-hijacked/

here we can run and use specialized tools and scanners if the pop ups haven't stopped.

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