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"Dark Scripts"


"Another aspect of Super Shield 2.0 is enhanced analytics that give our research team a unique view of the emerging threats our customers face. In December, we found a whopper. Windows has a variety of scripting engines such as Powershell, WScript, Cscript, and others. The problem is that more often than not, these engines are used for distribution of malware. Frequently it is to drop a bad file on the hard drive for subsequent execution, but in some instances, the malware executes without a file.

Some in the industry call it fileless infections and we call it dark scripts.

Not only can Super Shield 2.0 detect dark scripts, our new architecture prevents them. Super Shield 2.0 is the only technology that protects against today’s threats and emerging ones.

For our current customers, you have been upgraded automatically to Super Shield 2.0. You now have the highest detection rate security in the industry as well as dark script protection. For prospective customers, please look at detection rates when considering a security product."




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