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Steelseries Siberia 840 pairing issue headset will not stay on


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Device manager in win 10 pro 64 bit shows problems although it worked just before I re-installed Windows 10 64 bit. Steelseries Engine 3 says to reconnect headset and the headset is at that time connected by usb to the PC. I have tried different usb ports, the device is selected and the speakers and mic are correctly designated in the control panel. I Tried uninstalling the device and engine 3 software. Headset will not stay on, it flashed 3x then the goes out, although the blue tooth is seen and recognized by my phone and connects. Both batteries are registering that they are fully charged. Oled display stay stuck after configuring. I don't know what I am doing wrong as I said it worked earlier on the same PC build, I just reinstalled windows is all.t keeps asking to reconnect the headset, I have tried taking the battery out for 15 minutes, taking the usb out and then putting it back in the same and different locations, and doing a reset on the oled. The oled and the headset are less than 4 feet apart when I do this. I just had this working before I did a windows reinstall and no I did not drop the headset. I tried repairing the headset to the oled and it fails. I am assuming the click wheel is the wheel on the headset that controls volume. Is that right? Also do I hold the wheel down for 6 seconds before I click next in the oled menu or after? Yes the battery is in the headset as I try to pair it. I don't know what else to do. Very worried here this is an expensive piece of equipment. I tried to connect the oled to my pc using the optical adapter and it doesn't ever say it is connected, besides the connector falls out all the time on both ends. BTW the usb is connected in the back of the computer to the mb directly. Please help I miss hearing my music, games, and videos! Thank you in advance.

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