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HDMI Splitter Issues


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Hey guys I was looking for a FFM splitter to connect my PC to my Desktop Monitor and my TV (to use as a second monitor.) When the PC is booting up both displays show fine, but the moment it switches to user login they both go black. Anyone else have issues with this?

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sorry a splitter will only allow you to duplicate the displays, to extend your desktop across two displays you need to connect each to a different output on your pc/graphics card and not split one output to two displays using a splitter.


on my system i have my monitor connected to a dvi output and my tv connected to another separate dvi output using a dvi to hdmi adaptor.


what you use will depend on what connection outputs are available on your pc.


see if this better explains things for you. :- http://www.online-tech-tips.com/computer-tips/how-to-setup-dual-monitors-in-windows/



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I had a similar problems but with by security DVR.My wife wanted a monitor in hall way(to view,could not get to TV) and I wanted to view on my computer. I was able to split the HDMI out put from DVR and see what the camera were viewing on both screens. This splinter has its own power supply.Take a look and see if it would help. Also depending on how far you want to push the signal you would need special HDMI cord. I had to use a special 50 ft HDMI cord (reduce signal loss). Got it from monoprice.com.





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