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Hello helpful people.


Just lately I get the rather dramatic BSOD almost daily, sometimes twice, it's been happening for a week or so. I receive the standard warning ie your machine has run into a problem and needs to re-start, gathering the necessary information etc and the 100% sign. There is also a square scan code. I have to 'hard start' and then all is fine, until the next time. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is there a cure please? I have tried the Windows suggestion of deleting my most recently down-loaded programs, one of which was Registry Reviver from Reviversoft.


Thank you for reading, hope yo can help. Have a nice day.

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Post a Pit Test so we can take a look at what could be conflicting.


Go to: Start>All Programs, then Right Click on Internet Explorer and choose: 'Run as Administrator'
Navigate yourself to the Overdrive test and run the scan, then post the final URL address back into this thread:
Here's a how to:
:) Y
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