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SSD-defrag. or not?


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Dear friends

i got ssd drive on my win 7 machine. after 2 month usage, i took the test and noticed that it needs to defrag.

according to what i read in the net and Scott Hanselman article


win 7 does not behave as win8 /10 handling defrag.

So what do you think defrag.SSD derive or not ?

is it really not healthy do the drive?

did anybody tried to derag . and noticed any improvement?

If yes- should i use the build in win7 defrg. app or use 3rd. party app?



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I never defrag my SSD and believe this is the general consensus








BTW Caintry - my overdrive tests also show that I need to defrag. I just ignore it since I have an SSD. I assume the test just needs to be updated. Seems I've seen postings about this in the past.

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Thanks for your answers,

the note also says "frequent defragmentation may decrease the lifespan of the drive"

is it possible to fix the overdrive test to be more coherent?

SSD's are in usage more then 10 years...

it worth mentioning that trim option should be on .

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