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Black Screen..Need Help


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Could use some PC expertise. Have a Gateway All-in-One, 2 yrs old Windows 10. When computer (desktop) is turned on all that happens is a black scree and constant beeping. Is this something that may be a simple fix or does it mean taking computer apart? Thank you!

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The black screen and beeping sound may be due to mechanical or internal failure of your hard drive. Avoid using your computer further, as you may lose all your important data.

Possible Reasons:-

1) Read or Write head may become immovable.

2) The occurrence of bad sectors on a drive.

3) PCB board may be damaged

4) Spindle motor may be damaged


In such a scenario, you must take help of data recovery experts who will examine the hard drive in a most professional way with the help of advanced equipment in a Clean Room

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A Blank Screen Msg on Windows may occurs in cause of several reasons.


1. You are using the pirated genuine version of the windows. The fix to this issue is: https://www.alltechhope.com/windows-is-not-genuine-fix/

2. Some temporary glitch on the Windows server side.

3. May be you turn off your computer when Windows is Updating. It is the most common and serious issue. ( Just, revert back the changes wit your recover cd )

4. Or may be some temporary issue with your Bootmgnr File. Try to fix it.

5. Some hardware issue with BIOS

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