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Has Linux been sliding down?

Ronald Patton

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no idea what you mean by "on the high top involving various applications." but linux is more widely used than ever, in fact i doubt anyone with electricity does not have a gadget somewhere in their home that doesn't run on a linux kernel, from routers to tv's.


android is linux (uses the linux kernel) and in the near future everything with a screen will run android according to some from cars to atm's (automatic teller machine).


so i'd have to say, no "linux is not sliding down."

linux is probably the most important and used kernel in the world in my opinion and can't see it ever going away at the moment.


some links :-






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terry is correct, My personal opinion and terry or anyone else would be against this Notion, Desktop Computers are phasing out, Years ago the same many people had laptops and PC's, These devices were traded for mobile phones, Smart TV's, Tablet's, etc...


There's not many people booting a slow PC in order to post on Face.....


We are at the point even Smart Phones becoming the PC because of productivity apps for work.


MS stock climbed to $60+ a share? Even after MS ceo Nadella said they clearly missed the cell phone market.




I can guarantee a majority of PC users gamed and Social Media, Now they all can do this on the move.


It's not going down, It's dispersing in a way no one ever expected. It's int he wild

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