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Data file renaming and corruption


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I am a new user to PC Matic and old user of Viper and Longtime user of Windows Defender and Securities. None of these packages have worked on this problem as of yet.


On my Toshiba, first gen I7, 16gb ram, 500gb win 10 drive, 1tb linux 2nd drive, I have been infected with a virus that corrupts any and every type of data file on my system by changing the data within the file and then changing the name of the files to a random character name with a file extension *.a1e1. (AeIgtRb^4#M.A1E1) I have performed 4 scans with pcpitstop with Super Shield with auto fix checked and so far no fix has occurred.


I also have a random reboot taking place that has also not been fixed by the software. This seems to mostly occur when I am accessing anything that has to do with the w3. Again the reboot is completely random when it takes place.


Right now I am at the point of a complete system rebuild. If anyone has any ideas please contact me asap as I need to get the rebuild going as soon as possible.


So far my other two systems have been unaffected as far as I can tell.





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Hi and welcome to PCPitstop. :)


Please read this topic:-


Before Posting In This Forum - Read This!


Then create a new topic and post the appropriate logs in this part of the forum:-


Have I Been Hijacked?


Then please wait patiently until a approved Anti-Malware helper is available to assist you, thank you.

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