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PC Matic and Malwarebytes - Pup flags

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PC Matic and Super Shield are no longer being flagged as PUP's by Malwarebytes.


PC Matic is no longer flagging their product either.


As of this moment, PC Magnum, Optimize3, Disk MD and Driver Alert are still being flagged for quarantining by Malwarebytes for some reason.


We are working with their representatives to get these programs cleared as well.


Thank you for your patience as we continue to work this out.


:) Y

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I just ran PC Matic and it took away my Mailwarebytes Anti-mailwareand Mailwarebytes Anti-Exploit I paid for a two year subscription for. Now they are gone and I just don't understand why you guys can't get along this is ridiculous like two little school boys. Now it looks like I am just out the money for the programs I paid for due to you guys squabbling. Please fix this problem 1/24/2017 is the date this took place!

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