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Kindle Fire Assistance

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Assistance on how to make a kindle fire useful, Guessing it's a 3rd gen, No cameras or mics, Just plain.


Is there a way to flash it, maybe get the Android Services?


I would like to make it great and useful.

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My wife has a Kindle Fire HD 8. Got it about a year ago for $90.00. It has a camera and a mic.


It's the only computer she uses (other than her smart phone). She does her email, facebook, and pinterest on it. I don't know. There might be others. She skypes on it, but most importantly, she does 90% of here reading on it. She hardly ever buys printed books anymore.


I was told once that seeing as how it is actually an android device that android apps will work on it... but I don't think she has ever tried installing anything other than the kindle apps. So far, apparently, she has found anything she needed there.


None of that helps you. I'm guessing that you actually have a Kindle rather than a Kindle Fire. That is why you have no camera or Mic. I believe they were pretty much made just to read on.

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no idea why you think it'll be more useful unless you want a wider choice of apps from google store than you get from amazon.

it runs an os based on android anyway, but here's a link that should help you do what ever you want to it, including rooting it and installing a different android os or just adding google play store and installing a different app launcher.






really should learn to type faster, you've had 2 replies since i started my reply. :rofl3:


and if tomk is correct and what you have is a kindle and not a kindle fire then no, i wouldn't recommend doing anything with it. they are great for reading books (have a paperwhite myself.) but as for using it for anything else then your out of luck really.


differences between a kindle and kindle fire :- http://www.toptenreviews.com/mobile/articles/compare-kindles-the-difference-between-the-fire-and-the-ebook-reader/

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