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Hoping to be back soon

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Had a 2 hour long fight with the better half yesterday and decided to get in the car and go for a nice long drive to visit family (65 miles to Chicago).

Turns out I still had a box full of PC components sitting there, so brought those back with me.


So far I know for a fact that I still have ASRock A770DE+ mobo, AMD Phenom X4 9550, 2x 1GB Mushkin Enhanced DDR2-800 and PC Power & Cooling Turbo Cool (thanks to guns!!) and a couple of DVD-R/W drives.

Also got a keyboard and mouse... but I will need to get a monitor, case and GPU at the least for a functioning rig. Don't know if I have any HDDs left either, so may need to get one (or a few!!)


I might be able to pick up a few upgrades from a neighbor who has tons of stuff like this lying around. Otherwise I may just order up all new stuff asap


None the less, I'd really like to get folding again really soon... especially since her mom passed away November 25 from brain cancer.


So, hopefully we'll being seeing me posting points again really soon!

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I will be getting a promotion and $3.75 raise in the next month. So definitely going to have something up and running soon!


Yes, cancer is an awful disease. She is still depressed and I understand and try to help her cope. Though I'm currently sitting in the hospital after leaving work since the depression hit me too.


Guess I'll see how things go over the next few days.

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Previous roommates threw away everything I had, so I'll have to build a whole new rig from scratch. Got called back to work though, so should be soon.


The big downside is that of the components that were thrown out, included PC Power & Cooling Turbo Cool 860 PSU from Guns and an 128GB SSD from TxRedneck. Sorry to have to inform such. I will definitely keep y'all in mind next time I've got some spare stuff that I'm able to part with!!

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