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What's the point of anonymous signin?


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............ if signed in anonymously but no one else should know that you're online, except Mods and Admin.







........... and Santa Clause :xmas_rolleyes:


Nice to see you Miss Fire and happy to see that your replies and emoticons are working again. :tup:


:) Y

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We must all agree with indy when there are several topics like this on a site with limited activity

requesting information about the defragger

Started by Roedy Green, 20 May 2016 and still not answered !! Looks like nobody really cares enough to answer -


I do not agree with indy. I visit every day frequently 2 or 3 times a day. For me it is not a matter of caring to answer. If I have an answer that I think will be helpful I type it in. If I don't have an answer I do my best to stop myself from making something up just to have an answer.


Now to make an answer to the OP. I don't know the original purpose behind anonymous sign on to a forum. Searching the internet didn't give me anything reliable I would post here. Any guess I would make has a counter argument of equal or greater value. So I'm not going to stick my neck out with a guess.

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Thanx for all the replies...I understand how it works now.   thanx to Caintry knowing I can be a tad slow n' must have things explained to me :wub:


Nice to see you too Mr. Y :)

indy - you say no one is ever here?  well, you must come around from time to time...just come around more often

Juliet - thanx for the compliment re my avatar.  truth is I love hats n' wear one almost every day but sshhhh, don't tell anyone cuz it's a secret.... :P

Hi Shogun ~ don't think anything changed...I just didn't know what was what :)


noknojo - - Hi!  did you give a shot at answering post re defragger?  i'll go take a look n' see what's what...well, I looked n' have a feeling Roedy didn't read the Post for all members about how to post what where.  his post is more than confusing n' since Roedy posted a year n' 1/2 ago - doubt he'll respond but who knows.  Also, fyi - folks do care enough to answer questions!!

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finished note to noknojo
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