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Russian Billionaire Kaspersky

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Complains out MS for being anti-competitive!




Billionaire Russian anti-virus developer Eugene Kaspersky has penned an angry blog post titled "That's It. I've Had Enough!" to complain about Microsoft and Windows 10. Specifically, Kaspersky argues that the way Microsoft bundled Defender with Windows 10 is anti-competitive: he says that Microsoft has created obstacles to third-party products and is acting against the interests of the developers of third-party security software.



How much more money do they want from Americans

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I think you'll find this is more aimed at the European and Russian market so your $$ will be ok. He's banking on the same ruling being applied to AV software that the European courts applied to Browser choice.

A browser choice site was activated on first login which made you aware of other alternatives. I think this stopped being enforced when Windows 10 surfaced. This all goes back to when MS had to stop bundling WMP after another EU ruling back in the early 2000's.

I think he wants a similar deal for AV software.



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One of the big issues is that although Defender will drop to a low priority when a 3rd party AV is detected, however, when M$ runs their updates and adds definitions to Defender, the OS sends Defender to High Priority and disables or cripples the 3rd party application.


Once the update completes, the priorities do not return automatically. A reboot is often required and depending on how the swap in priorities went and whether further installation is required in the Windows Defender engine upon reboot is needed, the return to previous priorities can be delayed until yet another reboot.


In Windows 7, Defender could be turned off through services.msc, M$ has removed this capability in 10.


:) Y

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