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Android stuck in reboot loop

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My roommate has an LG Android phone from a couple years ago. It still powers on fine but stops up on a command prompt looking screen. There's option for factory reset and some other recovery options. He's afraid of losing contacts and such. I'd have to check on which Android version it, but pretty sure is pre Kit Kat.


I did notice a readout of code that said something about missing .bmp so I'm guessing there was a failed update or corrupt OS. Any ideas or suggestions?

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Thanks Tx, I'll have him check it out.


Not sure if he wants to keep the phone and hopefully get it working or not. Any idea if it's possible to fix? I would assume it could be done, like an OS reinstall. He does already have a new Samsung (Galaxy?) so don't think the old LG would be a real lose if it can't be fixed.

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