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OverDrive quit working


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I have used OverDrive scan many times in the past when I had WinXP
with no problems. Since I've used Win8 and now Win10 it will not run.
I'm not getting any errors messages, so really not sure how to
troubleshoot the problem, was hoping somebody here could help.


I'm using Win10 Pro 10.0.14393 64bit
IE 11.187

Thanks so much!

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My security settings are exactly as you have posted for

ActiveX and scripting


However, when it prompts me to install the PCPitstop Utility

I click YES to install but then bring me back to the page

and says ActiveX is not supported



My internet security settings are set like this


Download signed ActiveX controls Prompt
Run ActiveX controls and plugins Enabled
Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting Enabled


Also my IE addons shows the Utility listed and Enabled



Thanks again

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Ran as admin and same results ActiveX is not supported


and PC Pitstop utility did not load...I get the popup to install and then

it comes back to did not load....then I get a popup that says

This webpage wants to run PCMatic ActiveX which isn't compatible with IE enhanced security
features. Disable Enhanced Protective Mode to run control. I click run control and prompts
me to install the following addon PCMatic ActiveX and the it's back to PC Pitstop utility did not load

I have that disabled and I have the correct settings for ActiveX
and scripting...no idea what else I can check

I can't get the debugging test to run either

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The problem is not with OverDrive or Windows 10, the problem is with IE 11's support of Active X.


Did you upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10 or was it a clean install? If you upgraded, the Active X controls may have gotten corrupted and need to be manually removed. You can go to C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files and manually delete anything with PCPitstop in the name. Then when opening OverDrive it should ask to download a new control.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Nothing in C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files and still does not work


Can we download the utility someplace else besides using the popup on the site ?

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